Cold winters ahead? You live in a place where the winters can get extremely cold and your interior room need heaters or furnaces? In that case, the warmth and cosiness of the home is fully dependent on your heating system. This is why your furnace is a life saver during winters and it a good idea to maintain them with high priority.

Why furnace maintenance is so important?

 You might know that all the home appliances call for good care and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance extend the life and performance of your appliance. However, sometimes people think differently and choose to upgrade their appliances by exchanging the old ones. In case of a furnace, it may not be a wise decision.

Your old furnaces will not be valued for good money. Therefore, it is only best if you use your furnace to its fullest capacity. This emphasises the importance of proper maintenance further.

How to detect a faulty furnace or if your furnace is due for a service

  • Abnormal Smell – Do you get abnormal smell from your furnace? This is a sign that the furnace may need a check and perhaps some fixes.
  • Colour of the pilot light – The usual colour of the pilot light glows in blue colour. If you detect that the light is glowing in a different colour, then it is time to check the ventilation of your furnace
  • Furnace switches off many times – If in a day your furnace switches off many times and it requires you to restart it again and again, it is a sure shot sign of repair.
  • Reduced heat – If your furnaces doesn’t keep your interiors warm and produces lesser heat than normal, it could be either because of the exteriors are colder. But it could also be a cause that you need to repair your furnace.
  • Loud and persistent noise – If you hear more noise than usual and if the noise is persistent, then it’s a sign that your furnace could be faulty.
  • The carbon monoxide detector – If this indicator in your device goes off to indicate the presence of poisonous gas in your system. In that case, turn your system off and open the windows for ventilation.
  • Annual maintenance – If you have not done a professional service in the last one year or more that itself is a sign that you need to call for a service.

Be prepared for the winters well in advance

Since the furnaces or the heating systems of a home or an office is of utmost importance for you in the coming few months, it also important to frequently check on them and detect any faults if any and fix it appropriately, just to ensure that you have them in tact when you need them the most.

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