Cats are adorable pets and are the best stress busters till date. So how would you feel to leave your pet alone at home while travelling for vacation or official trip? First, it is unsafe to leave pets behind alone at home as there wouldn’t be anyone to feed them and look after. Second, even if you hire a person who comes on time to feed and take them for a walk, still you can’t just rely on them blindly.

For this reason, pet boarding is initiated by many companies. This helps people who have to travel often. Boarding facilities not only feed cats properly and on time, but the staff are humble and polite with animals. They believe in cleanliness and also have medical facilities during emergencies.

Even if it isn’t about business travel, but about a vacation, some people don’t feel right to leave their pets behind for a long period of time. Not all pets have same personality and characteristics. Some animals behave weirdly when they are left in group of other animals. Therefore, carrying them with you is the only option left.

Arizona is known as the biggest tourist destination. People from all over the world travel to the city to explore monuments, parks, streets, etc. When you’re carrying you pet, obviously you would like to book a hotel that also has pet boarding facility where you can leave your pet in day while touring around the city. If you require a cat boarding Phoenix, Arizona, then you should look into Canine Country Club & Feline Inn.

They have designed pet’s facility for all their customers who bring their pets along. It isn’t just any care facility, but they have all kinds of amenities that keep pets busy with a variety of activities. They care, groom, love as well as care for animals as much as you do. Cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, rodents, fish and many other animals are taken in with full responsibility.

Cats are fussier than dogs, so they may find it difficult to adjust in the new places. Therefore, it is imperative that you prepare certain things for your cat before placing them in boarding –

  • Don’t make any changes to their dietary plan few days before travelling. Bring food that your cat likes, but some boarding provides food from their facility, so tell them about your pet’s diet plan and all those items which it is allergic to.
  • Bring their blanket and toys in which they are comfortable. Facilities do provide their amenities, but some pets are comfortable and at ease in their stuff.
  • If your kitten is undergoing any medication then bring it along with all medical documents, so that the appointed veterinarian can go through it properly. Also, if there is any pending vaccination in queue, let them know about it.
  • Don’t just rush into the boarding and leave your cat, but spend some time with your pet in the facility before leaving. Also, don’t forget to educate the staff about the nasty behavior of your cat.

If it is the first time you are trying to accommodate your cat in boarding, then before doing it, see how they react when you aren’t there.

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