Laguiole is a village located in the Aubrac area of France. It is the bliss of corbelled roofs and granite amid a beautiful sea of blue and green. If you want to experience the real France, then this could be the perfect place. From lovely scenery to wonderful cheese, this old-fashioned village has all that makes France an incredible country in the world.

It is a small town with 1 200 inhabitants who work tirelessly to defend their rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing imagination with great passion and zeal. Let us know more about this village.

About the village

The village Laguiole is constructed around the Saint-Matthieu church. Located at just a few 100 yards from the village, you will find the stunning Aubrac plateau and a lively village center. The shops in this village sell gastronomic products manufactured in the Aubrac region.

This village is famous for its outstanding craftsmanship in designing the world-famous Laguiole knives. People from far-flung places come to visit these shops and the manufacturing facilities in this village throughout the year.

Laguiole is a leading place to find a wide range of best quality knives such as a pocket knife, cutting knife, spreading knife, parmesan knife, deboning knife, etc. These knives come with various attachments to assist you with different types of kitchen tasks. The expertise of artisans and superior quality material assure you of its premium quality.

What are the common attractions of this village?

This oasis is famous to explore treasures such as the fresco near the cattle market that provide you an opportunity to appreciate the notable Laguiole Bull and the hospice. During the winter months, the entire plateau gets covered in white. There is a wonderful resort in this village as “Laguiole-Bouyssou ski resort “.

It provides fourteen runs equipped with eleven ski lifts. If you appreciate cross-country skiing, you will find fifty km of paths, along with a place for sledding as well as a track to hike with snowshoes.

The village also provides several eateries that serve delectable Laguiole pétites, smoked ham and lamb simmered in an herb sauce and white wine. Pétite is served with a local dish made using potatoes and cheese called “aligot”. This is a delicious combination. End your meal with a dessert called fouace. It is a sweet brioche that has a mild aroma of orange flower water.

The culture of the village

The small community of the village is popular for the restaurant, and maison bras. Visitors can have a great time in this delightful town for the delectable culture and local food. The locals of Laguiole takes great pride over the authenticity of the town. Laguiole is also called as ‘the True France.’

This town lacks a train station and a comprehensive bus system due to which it fails to attract tourists. Most of the visitors who visit this village are mostly French. With several lesser-known places of attraction, the village is worth spending few hours of time. It is considered as one of the authentic picnic destinations you can ever visit in your life.


Laguiole is an amazing village with a lot of attractive destinations to view and activities to perform. If you are coming to this place, don’t forget to visit the shops and manufacturing facilities to look at their exemplary craftsmanship in designing handmade knives.

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