In every home, roof is one of the main parts that must be kept in a well-maintained condition. Any uncared roof can create problem in the long run and you need to spend lots of money to set it right.

There are companies available in Australia who offer solution like colorbond roofing Sydney which is considered to be a better solution for your roof. Let us share, various benefits of such kind of roofs.

  1. Design flexibility

For any kind of efficient structure, Colourbond roofs can deliver top quality of spanning capabilities so that it can allow more floor area which is free from column.

Due to wide choices of colours available with Colourbond range, it will give building designers as well as owners more opportunity to choose truly unique facade.

There are many other profiles that are available with Colourbond range that can match with various design requirements of any kind of your home.

Also, as an added bonus, due to its colour, it will not need any additional painting which is often needed for any other kind of metal roofing materials.

  1. Resilience

As of today, Colourbond is the toughest as well as most progressive building materials available today. For more than 50 years, this was tried and tested too in few harshest environments in the Australia.

Also, it has been found to be termite resistant and as a result, it will be long-lasting and durable and hence can be very good option for roof replacement.

  1. Water collection

For rainwater storage tanks it can collect more amount of water that you can use either for your garden, home or animals etc. The choice of Colourbond roof can be much better than any concrete tile due to their absorbency level.

Colourbond in fact is corrugated metal having bonded paint finish which seals it from the moisture.

  1. Weight

Colourbond roof is mostly 1/10th as heavy which means that its supporting roof frame need not be as complex and reduces the installation cost. Besides that, as concrete and terracotta tiles absorb water, hence during rainy days they will get even heaving.

While designing roof support, this extra weight must also be considered while designing roof support structure. Colourbond roofs will not absorb any water and hence you will not have to bother about fluctuation in the weight of roof.

  1. Fire resistant

In case, the area where you live is bushfire prone, then you must surely prefer Colourbond over tiles as they are non-combustible and you can easily seal these corrugated metal sheets on flying embers as well as burning ash.

  1. Environmentally friendly

All metal roofing will be 100% recyclable, which is most re-used products available. Not only you can easily transport them but also it can contribute to reduction in on-site wastage, thus reducing environmental impact near building sites.

  1. Energy efficient

You may find tiles cheaper however final cost will depend on the amount of extra insulation added, installation costs, painting, and also future maintenance needed.

However, Colourbond roofs will harness their reflective surface that will bounce back the heat and keep your house cool and allow your air-conditioner be efficient.

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