Adding plants to a space can be very beneficial to your mood, health, and as a design element. Plants can really make a space feel more alive, open, and airy. Of course, this depends on your design choice, but this is the case for most modern designs. Unnecessarily, usually, the addition of plants is considered after the design of a room is already complete. However, you can plan ahead and decide to plan the design of your space, with plants in mind. For example, in the design planning stages for your room, if you know that your room has sharp edges or corners, then you can soften this up by deciding on a plant that will reach a desired height with a nice leaf style or foliage. Contact a quality San Francisco interior designer to have this executed to perfection. Here are some ways and ideas for using plants in the interior design of your space.

Consider Short Trees

Many trees can have nice qualities that add the right touch to corners, and more areas, certain spaces. Consider the shorter dwarf trees. Also, inquire of indoor plants that require little to no sunlight, but should you prefer a variety that needs sunlight, then consider having your plant on a nice stand with wheels. A lower slab with wheels will work as well. Larger plant pots can get heavy, and your choice of plant and soil only adds to this weight. This will allow you to easily roll the plant to an area of sunlight, should its main area not provide enough.

Consider Unique Areas

Don’t shy away from adding a touch of nature to lesser thought of areas. Your plants can accentuate the most unique of styles, designs, and areas.example, you can hang your plants or go with vertically growing plants. These plants that scale the wall are very common in modern designs. Even plants that grow down from the ceiling. Some plants can even grow on the wall, and you can choose from different plant styles you like and use this concept as your accent wall. You can also do this concept with your ceiling. Also, as long as there is no surrounding carpet, you can have a neat, in-ground planting area indoors, surrounded by whatever you like. Your choices are limitless.

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