Nowadays, every home needs an air conditioner as the temperature during summer season are soaring very high. Besides that, it can also be a big asset to your home too.

Therefore, before air conditioning installation in your home, it is necessary to do proper preparation so that the unit can perform well and also be long lasting.

Selection of the right AC  

Before deciding to install an AC, it is necessary to consult a professional so that he can suggest the right size and capacity based on the dimensions of the room where you want to install the AC.

Following are three options that you need to choose.

      1. Split air conditioner

This is installed in most of the homes where there will be two units interconnected through harness of wires. Indoor unit will be placed inside while the outdoor will be installed outside the house.

      2. Ductless mini-split AC

This type of AC system too has got an outdoor unit like above however there will be separate blower which will throw air in the room instead of using any ducting system. Each outdoor unit will be able to support 4 blowers.

      3. Geothermal AC

This kind of AC will extract heat from the inside of earth and deliver to home during winter seasons and during summer it will extract air from the room and fed it inside the earth and keep the room cool.

Following are few activities that need to be done prior to installation of the air conditioner unit based on the type of air conditioner chosen by you for the house.

      1. Evaluating the power connection

Usually, the power requirement for any air conditioner will be a little higher than any other electrical appliances used at home. Therefore, the professional will check whether proper electrical wiring is available to provide the electrical power to AC unit.

In case, the same is not available then the necessary arrangement for power line to be made in order to power the air conditioner.

      2. Clear the space

Whichever type of air conditioner that you have chosen, you need to create proper space where you need to install them. In case, there is no available place in suitable location to install AC then you need to create a space for that.

In case, you are planning to install duct type of air conditioner then you need to clear the space for the ducting system.

      3. Installation of ducts

Installation of ducts is one of the major activities before the installation of the air conditioning unit. After installing the duct, you have to make proper arrangement for concealing them by either creating false ceiling or by putting suitable covers.

      4. Installation

Finally, you have to install various units of the air conditioning system based on the type of air conditioners chosen by you.

Make sure that there is sufficient free space available around the air conditioner unit so that the performance of the unit may not get blocked.

After the installation is complete then check whether the desired temperature and humidity conditions have been achieved within the room as planned.

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