Land surveying is one of the most hectic part of buying any property. It is important, as it helps you to understand your property boundaries. Land surveying is a physical task and it involves surveying the property based on the map of the house.

This is crucial because most of the times, the actual thing is different than on the paper. Sometimes the measurement of area is also not accurate as shown by the real estate agents. Hence, to enjoy for a lifetime, you need to conduct this survey with the help of a land surveyor.

Who conducts the land survey?

There are licensed professionals who conduct the survey based on dimensions and measurements of the plot and the actual area to be used. These are trained professionals who judge by an intricate system of law math and engineering to make it work and also help in establishing property boundaries.

Also, they use specialized equipment like GP trackers, 3d scanners and specialised software to analyse the land. If required they also deploy robotic stations to give you the right dimensional measurement. In Australia, land surveyors are common.

From deciding the measurements, to the type of land the property is built on and giving the entire environmental statistics they have a 360-degree analysis to the problem. You can easily hire Sydney Surveyors based on their credentials and availability.

Why You need to Survey Land?

The first reason you need to survey land is because it is needed by law before you can build your property. Even if you are purchasing a land with no intention to build a property, still you need your land to be surveyed so that you exactly know where the ownership and boundaries of the land lie.

You also need to define your area with respect to the adjoining land and other government bodies adjacent to it, if present. A land surveyor will give you the exact details of the land boundaries and will submit an environmental report. Additionally, it will help you define natural boundaries like stream or any rock and artificial boundaries like manmade structures.

How to hire a land surveyor?

There are various land surveyors you will come across. However, in order to have a quick turnaround time, you must go with the following criteria while checking –


Before hiring any land surveyor, you must check the license and credentials. Professional surveyors are acknowledged by the state, the person is working with. If you hire a surveyor with an expired license then it’s like you are wasting your money and time. Ask for the license before hiring one

Professional liability insurance

This is just like doctor’s malpractice insurance. This suggests if the person gives any wrong measurements and information then they become liable to the court to answer further questions. This safe guards you from any unseen mishap

Website credibility

The best way to check the person’s credibility is by checking the person’s website. If the person is successful, the website becomes mandatory to list all the services and client testimonials. Do not forget to check client reviews.

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