Did you ever notice how your skin feels after you take a shower? Do you feel that your skin has become perfectly clean? Or do you feel a bit itchy and you need to apply lotion on your skin?

The water supply in your home can have a lot of effect on your skin depending on whether the water is hard or soft.

If the supply is hard then you will need hard water treatment to remove the hardness and make it soft. In this article, we shall discuss about various effects on the skin due to hard water supply.

How to confirm that you are getting hard water supply?

Water is used for almost every household activity like cooking, bathing and cleaning purpose. Hardness of water will make clothes dull, your skin dry and often leaves chalky stains on your utensils. Few signs of hard water are as follow –

  • Clothes feel rough
  • Soap doesn’t lather
  • Low water pressure
  • Scale build-up on your faucet
  • Higher electricity bills
  • Thin-film of soap remains on the skin
  • Film on the shower doors, bathtubs and walls.
  • Dry, itchy and irritated skin

Do you know what hard water supply can do to your skin?

The hard water supply will contain few minerals like magnesium and calcium, which makes it hard and soap solution cannot easily dissolve in it.

As a result, you will notice that good foam will not be produced when you wash your clothes or you take bath with soap. Also, you will find that soon your plumbing line gets choked due to mineral deposits.

However, another thing that you will not realize is that while taking bath with hard water, soap scum will be build-up on your skin surface, which may clog the pores of the skin. This can be the reason for acne or eczema on your skin.

Besides that, your skin may also get itchy and remains dry and irritating. All these minerals of hard water will prevent skin moisture.

Your skin will also age much faster and according to many well-known Dermatologists, various impurities present in hard water can form free radicals, which can really damage the healthy skin cells. As a result, our skin can develop wrinkles easily.

In case, you are facing such problems in your water supply then you must consider suitable water softener for your water supply.

Why soft water will be better for maintaining a healthy skin?

By installing water softener, you can wash your clothes very effectively. Soft water can easily form good amount of lather while using soap and detergent and washing of clothes as well as body skin will be much more effective.

On the contrary, when you use hard water supply, you will need more amount of soap for your skin and washing clothes and yet you cannot get the desired results.

Thus, by installing water softener you can do better cleaning of skin and use less amount of soap too.

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