Chandeliers rank the highest in illuminating any place and of course enhance the décor of the room with its classic look and sparkling presence. There are many kinds of chandeliers available and among them the most popular ones are Crystal chandelier.

Due to air pollution and environmental hazards there are ample chances of your chandeliers getting spoilt, thus their sparkling quality diminishes. Not to worry as there are easy ways to clean when you feel it is dusty and less sparkling. It may seem problematic to clean the chandelier, but the end result will make you forget of the careful efforts you took to clean them. Following the cleaning prices is sure to help in maintaining the glittering trait of your crystal chandeliers.

Here are the best maintaining tips:

  • Initially you need to plan. This is because the parts of the chandelier are delicate to handle and some designs make it difficult to place the glasses closely.
  • Never think of cleaning the chandelier like you clean other fixtures. Do it in sections by considering the way the chandelier parts are fixed.
  • Basic things you need to clean.
    • A step ladder: Need to stand on it.
    • Some wiping wet pads: Soft cotton pads can be used to wipe the dust.
    • Couple of soft linen clothes: It is used to wipe dry the glasses.
    • An organic washing liquid: To remove dirt.
    • A soft brush: It helps to clean the fixed parts of the glasses.
    • Any kind of quilt: It is to place under the chandelier to help in safeguarding the glass if they accidently come off.
  • Most of the chandelier parts are removable. If you are planning to dissemble all the fixed parts make sure to know where to place again after cleaning them. You can take a photograph or make a diagram. Both methods will help avoid confusion later.
  • Turn off the electric supply before touching the chandelier. Safety is a must while handling light fixtures.
  • Place the quilt under the chandelier before dismantling its parts. Even professional cleaners make sure to place thick mattress or quilt before starting the process of cleaning chandeliers.
  • Never turn a chandelier to clean instead need to move your ladder while cleaning the chandelier in different angles.
  • Place all the trimming and pendants separately before wiping them with wet cotton pads. Make sure to wipe them again with dry cloth. You can even use white paper to make them shine again.
  • You can even place the trimmings in hot water having mild detergent powder and after brushing remove them from the water gently, rinse them and dry the whole trimmings, pendants separately. Yes, placing them under sun light will help in drying fast.

People prefer to call upon professional cleaners to clean their valuable crystal chandeliers. It will be the best option if you dint have sufficient time to clean them. It will be best to have considerable time to clean them as cleaning of chandeliers in haste won’t help. These simple tricks to clean your crystal chandeliers is useful and effective.

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