Parents are concerned about their toddlers falling from the mattress, so to avoid this they plan to lay their mattress on the floor. Is placing the mattress without any framework on the floor a good idea? Actually, mattresses need a proper foundation.

What’s a mattress foundation?

It is a framework that the mattress sits on. Foundation includes box springs or platform with wooden slats. The bed foundation choice will impact your sleep. In simple words, if your mattress does not have proper support you will not enjoy a sound sleep.

Weak bed foundation leads to mattress sagging, which means your body does not get even support and causes pain on waking up in the morning.

Is box spring necessary?

Do you need or don’t need a box spring? To answer this question let’s look at box spring in detail. Box spring is a supportive base including spring coils that absorb energy and prolong the life of the mattress.

Box springs & foundation are not scams

Many people assume that the foundation and box springs are sales pitch made to influence buyers. If you are skeptical then read the benefits –

Enhances support – Without framework a mattress sags because there is no support. Sagging can cause pain and aches in your back, thus ruining the whole day. With a proper foundation, you will experience the supportive benefits mattress is designed to offer.

Adds height – It offers the bed extra elevation and height. The foot and headboard support the mattress from falling but even helps to sit and get out of the bed without squatting. Without this little elevation, the very low mattress is hard for disabled people to get out. Besides, the 16” height keeps you protected from dust, humidity, cold air, and bad stuff dwelling on the floor.

The lifespan of mattress increases – Mattress foundation offers solid support necessary for it to last long and serve you better. Without the right foundation, the mattress cannot last long. It is true for king size memory foam mattresses because they are heavy and can collapse soon.

Increases the flow of air – Mattress is not to blame if you get up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. Mattresses with the breathable feature are only breathable when they sit on a frame promoting airflow. Mattress foundation allows it to freely breathe offering coolness and thus eliminates sweaty nightmares.

The mattress does not slide – Some mattresses slide, slip, and end from the left side to the right side of the room. It is frustrating when you have to sleep with a partner. With mattress foundation you get stability and there is no issue of sliding.

Helps to keep the bed clean – Floor has filth like dead skin, allergens, mites, hair, bugs, and unhealthy things your pet may have dragged in. Mattress close to the floor can get filthy. An elevated mattress on a foundation keeps gross stuff away not just from the mattress but even you. It is necessary for coil spring mattresses because due to more space bacteria and mites can make their hangout.

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