For any home, it is very important task to keep the gutter in well maintained condition, so that it can last longer. Gutters also have certain essential role which is quite important and therefore, while selecting them one must be aware of various types of gutters.

Your gutter guard will preserve your home’s structural integrity by properly channelling away all the rainwater. Often people may neglect cleaning the gutter guard regularly until they notice that it has been clogged with leaves, dead animals, moss and other debris.

If the gutter gets blocked then it will not allow the rain water to flow away properly and it may end up creating a water pool either on the roof or round the foundation. Such condition may create following issues:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Landscape damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Water leaks
  • Wood rot

Therefore, while selecting the gutter guards one should be aware about various different gutter guards that are available in the market so that one can choose the right one for their own home.

     1. Mesh gutter guards

Mesh gutter guards usually are made of sheet of metal having tiny holes. These can be excellent for keeping out all tiny debris while water flows out. Every square inch of the sheet will contain hundreds of small holes.

Mesh gutter guards can also be much durable as compared to other gutter materials without having mesh that may deteriorate over time. Consider to choose mesh gutter guard if planning for a new gutter guard.

     2. Bottle-brush gutter guards

These guards are cylindrical in shape and look almost like any wire cleaning brush. They can be installed easily and before installing them you must clean the gutters first.

These gutter guards can filter out large debris like leaves very efficiently and the spikes will allow air to get circulated, so that gutters can easily dry out, which will prevent rusting. You can clean the brushes at least once a year.

Also, you must remove these gutter guards occasionally and try to shake them off.

     3. Screen gutter guards

These gutter guards are usually made of plastic or metal and are quite affordable option which is widely available too.

They can also be installed very easily however, if you compare between fine mesh and regular screen, the fine mesh will work best for filtering small debris.

That is because metallic screen gutter guards may get rusted and hence prefer for plastic versions. Also, pine needles may get stuck within the holes. You must also be careful with all these materials as they can blow out during strong winds.

     4. Foam gutter guards

Foam gutter guards can easily fit inside the gutters and can block all kinds of debris from entering as their pores will only allow water to penetrate. These gutter guards use polyurethane foam or polyether.

Also, these gutter guards can be installed by DIY method easily.

     5. Reverse-curve gutter guards

People have been using gutter guards of this type for many years and many changes have been made by various manufacturers.  However. There are number of issues with such type of gutter guards.

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