In many workshops, welding is one of the important functions needed and it is necessary to exercise the best welding practices while using the welding equipment so that you remain totally safe.

Welding can expose many different hazards like electric shock, noise hazards, and exposure to UV rays, exposure to fumes and also burns. Whatever may be the size of your welding operation, you must exercise few safety precautions.

Following are 15 tips in order to improve welding safety in the work place of your company:

  • Read the manual

If you are using Cigweld welding equipment then it is essential to read its manual about all the safety precautions thoroughly and also get proper training in welding operation before you start doing regular welding.

  • Button up

While performing welding operation, it is essential that you must button your shirt collar, and cuffs so that your body does not remain exposed to sparks produced during welding.

  • Avoid rolling up sleeves

Rolling up the clothes can always expose you to molten metal/sparks that may lead to burns. So, you should never tuck your shirts or trousers during welding.

  • Wear proper gear

Always wear necessary flame-resistant clothes, proper gloves, safety goggles and other safety gears that are necessary for welding operations.

  • The right shoes

You can get best foot protection by wearing high-top leather boots or shoes and also make sure that your pants legs must go over your shoes. Don’t prefer to wear tennis shoes or cloth shoes.

  • Breathe freely

There can be lots of fumes generated during the welding operation and hence you must use proper exhaust fan to keep the place well ventilated so that you can breathe freely.

  • Avoid seeing the light

Protect your eyes from the flash lights that may come from the rays of welding arcs that you can see while welding. Your welding goggles must have right kind of filter.

  • Auto-darkening helmets

Choose auto-darkening helmets that are having reaction time of 1/10,000 to 1/20,000th of a second. Avoid using any lower end helmet, which are very slow in darkening.

  • Avoid injuries due to repetitive stress

Prefer to wear auto darkening helmets rather than fixed shade helmet so that you can reduce your fatigue while performing the welding operation.

  • Lose the clutter

Prefer to remove all other unnecessary tools or items around the place where you are going to perform the welding. Keep only those tools which are required during operation.

  • Use wire feeders of boom-mounted

By using boom-mounted wire feeders, you can always increase flexibility, efficiency and also operator comfort while engaging in any high-production welding operation. This can be ideal for having safe welding.

  • Optimize fixturing

Use right kind of fixtures like simple gearbox that can easily rotate the components and can increase safety with the elimination of chain and hoist and complicate the operation.

  • Reward and punishment

Offer reward to your employees who follow safety instructions properly and punish those who do not so that your can encourage the workers to follow all safety norms.

  • Ensure proper ventilation at workplace

Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation available at the work place so that all the fumes that come out during welding operation may easily be removed from the environment.

  • Ensure no inflammable item present near workspace

Remove any inflammable item from the workplace to avoid fire mishaps.

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