You must have heard about certain chemicals that were used for clearing the drain and were quite strong to dissolve clogs. Though these chemicals present in few household cleaning products may clean your drain but can also affect our health.

Make sure that you buy quality products from branded and reputed household cleaning products suppliers such as TWX Home, since it is a bit difficult to know which will be non-toxic. Most of the labels from unknown brands do not reveal enough details about the chemicals they contain.

However, with various researches, now we know that few dangerous ingredients are derived from ethoxylates. All these chemical compounds, which may include bisphenol-A (BPA), which have been also linked to cancer.

Therefore, after gaining knowledge from research, consumers are able to know which chemicals are to be avoided.

In spite of having potential hazards of various cleaning products, you cannot find suitable labels on the cleaning products that you can find in food products.

However, few exceptions are for household products which contain pesticides, such as bug killers etc. where manufacturers provide a label, but no industry standard exists, and consumers can face few vague terms, like “surfactant,” which don’t reveal much.

How to purchase non-toxic and healthy cleaning product?

Due to consumer’s awareness of various government agencies, consumer groups and few manufacturers as well as retailers have developed certain ratings that can help in selecting your best cleaning products.

Such rating scales will consider ingredient types and also their lists so that people may see while buying them.

      1. Environment logo design

This logo will let consumers know whether the product is safe for pets and human and the environment.

      2. Healthy Cleaning guide

Environmental working group has developed this searchable guide that rates products by using ratings with a scale of A to F.

       3. Eco-scale system of rating whole foods

Whole foods market has developed in collaboration with other manufacturing partners, where products are rated on green to red scale.

       4. Good Guide

This is a searchable database as mobile application, which provides rating system for many households as well as personal care products.

Alternative to healthy home cleaning

There are few well-known companies with a goal to meet the need for our healthier cleaning choices. In spite of that, the burden of judging whether your products lying in your cupboard are really non-toxic or not still lies on us.

You must avoid those products that contain following ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Artificial dyes
  • Ethoxylates
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemical solvents
  • Sulphates
  • Synthetic fragrance

One more tip for healthy home cleaning

You must always keep in your mind that it is always a must for safe storage of all cleaning products, particularly if there are small children present in the house.

There are few items which may appear quite safe and may need medical treatment, if your children ever swallow it accidentally or sprayed into their eyes.

As per the study conducted on emergency room visits, where most of the injuries were caused by any household cleaner-related were found.

As per the data, one of the three cases of injury among children of age 5 or below was due to swallowing bleach, which is very common household item.

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