Substance abuse of any kind can cause marital conflicts. Apart from causing physical and mental issues to the addicted individual, the negative effects are keenly felt by their sober spouse. It leads to emotional upheaval, negativity, and violence. If there are children involved, there arise conflicts regarding neglecting responsibilities, neglect, and financial issues.

Opioid addiction:

Opioids/ narcotics produce feelings of pleasure and pain relief by interacting with the nervous system. The drug has a high potential for causing dependency. It can even lead o life-threatening health issues and over 90 Americans die due to opioid addiction every day. Helping a spouse recover from opioid addiction takes efforts, perseverance, and patience.

Understand the seriousness and seek help:

It is important to understand the need for medical help at the earliest. Generally, couples who recognize the addiction turn to a marriage counselor and a rehab facility. There is drug rehab for couples available designed to help both the parties involved. Depending on the extent of addiction, the treatment may require the need for an inpatient stay.

Is your partner addicted to alcohol and are you feeling overwhelmed by the strain it causes in your relationship? It is very natural. It is common to experience:

  • Codependency: When one partner constantly puts the well-being of their better half in the forefront and takes little care of his/her own needs it is referred to as codependency. The sober partner keeps making sacrifices and years for affection from the partner. They’ll have to take steps to boost their self-worth and join support groups.
  • Communication issues: The sober partner will find it hard to communicate their needs since their partner is more often emotionally and physically available.
  • Trust issues: When an addicted partner constantly lies and hides their addiction, it leads to mistrust. Broken promises follow which only adds up to the distress. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to regain trust.
  • Financial difficulties: Opioid addiction causes the addicted partner to make impulsive purchases and the family starts faces financial problems. Couples won’t be on the same page regarding budgeting, saving and spending. Continue to involve your partner in budget planning so that they’ll be aware of the money spent on their addiction.

How can couples work together during the recovery process?

Repairing the deteriorating relationship isn’t going to be easy. It’s hard to sort things out when you are still stuck to the unfortunate incidents that unfolded in the past. Instead, both of them can work on building a new relationship. The individual who broke the trust has to try to keep reassuring their better half that they are committed to going forward with the recovery.

Visit to gather resources on how you can deal with opioid addiction. You’ll get an idea about the treatment options available. Sign up with a couple of rehab facilities listed on the website and never look back.

Chronic substance abuse is one of the leading causes of failed marriages but it is treatable. Go through the recovery process together with your partner and strengthen your marriage.

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