If you are looking for suitable tiling contractor for your home, then it is essential to hire a contractor who has minimum 3 years of experience in this field.

This will be very important while installing Astute Tiling for your home, particularly if you have not ever seen the installation of tile before. Besides that, you must also make sure about the following few things before you hire a suitable tiling contractor.

Try to select your tile prior to hiring tiling contractor

First you need to decide which type of tile will suit in your premise and make sure that they are of your choice and also matches with the d├ęcor of the area.

Based on that, you will know what kind of skills is needed for installing such kind of tiles that you have chosen. Based on the size of the tile the skill requirements can be different. So, having a tile selected already, now you can look for your suitable tile contractor.

Ask for referral for the contractor

Often word of mouth can be a very powerful tool to find a right contactor to install your tiles. Ask people whom you know, who must have hired certain tiling contractor, who can share their experience dealing with the contractor.

Not only that, you can also visit the site where the contractor has done his work and can see and evaluate the quality of his work.

Ask local supplier of tile about reputable tile contractor

There is another source, who can help you in the search of a right contractor for tiling. It is your tile supplier, who must be aware of list of installers, who are good and experienced in installing these toles.

They can also show the pictures of the projects done by those contractors, so that you will be able to know about the capability of the tile contractor.

Have a good discussion

Once you have got list of contractors, then try to interview them one by one and have a discussion about your project. You can show them any picture that you must have got from the tile supplier, and ask them whether they can install the tiles in the same manner.

You can also ask them about all the projects done by them before and can also visit those places to see all by yourself to judge their capability.

Get a written quote

It is also important to get a written quote from all the contractors, with whom you have discussed about your project. The quote must provide all the details of various activities, including the removal of your old tiles too.

Try to understand their quotation and also compare all the quotations and also select the one who has quoted a realistic price.

Ensure that quotation is for correct installation system

For your peace of mind, make sure that the tiler that you have selected will be using the right kind of adhesive and also grout system. By speaking to trained salesman of the tile supplier, you can get many good inputs that will be very useful for you.

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