While the recent corona virus was spreading all across the world, many different claims were made by the authorities and also number of myths were floating around.

Let us try to see after struggling with this pandemic for last few months how much truth was there in all those claims.

  • Face masks will not work

People have been rushing to buy surgical masks supplied by customer earth promos as the COVID-19 started however, authorities told people not to buy, as medical professionals were facing scarcity of masks, and they need it more than common people.

People were told that masks will not be effective to prevent the virus. However, now we know that one need to wear any mask even if it is home-made, while moving in a crowd, as it can prevent to some extent the droplets, if someone coughs or sneezes.

Besides wearing masks, one also need to wash hands regularly and maintain proper personal hygiene.

  • Coronavirus is not more dangerous as compared to winter flu

It is true that in the beginning people may get the symptoms, which is very similar to winter flu however by looking at its overall profile and the rate of mortality, you cannot equate it with ordinary flu.

However, what has been seen so far is just a tip of iceberg. This COVID-19 can be almost 10 times deadly as compared to any seasonal flu.  

If you look at the data so far within last few months 1.48 million people around the world are affected and 6.73% among them have already died.

  • Coronavirus only kills elderly people so, young people need not worry

Earlier it was believed that COVID-19 will be only dangerous for those who are senior citizens and having any extra chronic problems.

However, recent cases have shown that even young people are not completely safe. Many of the health professionals who are dealing with such patients have been affected and many of them died too.

Therefore, people need to exercise caution and get quarantined as soon as they notice any symptoms of this virus irrespective of their age or health status.

  • You have to be for 10 minutes near any infected person to get infected

In case of simple flu, few hospital guidelines will define exposure can be within 6 feet distance from an infected person. If the person sneezes or coughs at least for 10 minutes he can infect others.

However, it has been seen that COVID-19 can infect even with shorter interaction with the affected person. Even one can pick the virus from any contaminated surface, which was thought to be less common way of transmission.

  • Vaccine will be ready just within few months

With the inputs received from Chinese researchers, it was claimed that its vaccine can be possibly ready within few months.

However, now it looks like that it has to go through many different animal trials before it can be tried on humans.

Therefore, when the vaccine will be rolled out is still uncertain and earliest possible date can be within a year or so.

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