All these high-bay lights are generally used for illuminating the spaces having very high ceilings. Therefore, ceilings that are ranging from 20’ to 45’ will be most suitable for them. 

Low-bay lights are used for those ceilings that are within 20’ and below. Since any high-ceiling location need to fill more space hence high bay lights will be able to fill and brighten up any larger area.

These high-bay lights are most suitable for industrial and commercial premises. You can find their multiple applications in range of industries, that includes factories, workshops and assembly lines.

High-bay lights can also be seen in large gyms and recreational facilities. Also, these lights can be excellent for illuminating warehouses and stores as well. 

They are also suitable for any event centers, large conference halls or for any kind of place that needs proper lighting from elevation of 20’ and above. You can also find them being used in hangars or any other large buildings.

    1. Clear and uniform lights

It can provide clear and uniform lighting and with little glare. By using different types of reflectors, you can accomplish different illumination tasks meant for high-bay lights.

    2. Energy savings

This is the primary reasons why you must consider LED lighting for the building or facility. Few common LED wattages for bay fixtures may range from 95 to 495 watts.

    3. Maintenance cost reduction

With LED conversion, you can also see a very dramatic reduction in your maintenance activities of your various high-bay light fixtures.

    4. Lighting performance

Lighting performance is one of the most critical factors to evaluate the move to some different lighting type. From performance standpoint LEDs offer a great choice.

    5. Longer lifespan

Most of these LED bay lights have got working life that will be greater than 50000 hours.

    6. Durability

You will find these high-bay LED lights not only very long lasting but also, they are incredibly durable. Mostly these LED lights are almost damage-proof and need very little amount of maintenance during their lifespan.

    7. Low light failure

By switching to any LED bay lights the light failure can be reduced by 5000 hours which is less than 25%.

    8. Higher CRI

LED lighting will have higher CRI usually greater than 80, while various other color temperature can be optional

    9. Light uniformity

You will never find any kind of flickering in LED lights and neither there are any phenomena like gradual warm-up which you may see in fluorescent lights or CFL. 

You may turn on these LED lights as many times but you will not observe that there is any flickering or any kind of light level variations.

High-bay LED lights can also distribute light much more evenly than any other lighting options.

    10. Wider applications

This kind of LED bay lamp can have application in shipyard, workshop, mine, plant, warehouse, gas station, highway toll station, supermarket, gymnasium and exhibition hall etc.

Thus, we can find that there are 3 primary drivers to prefer installing LED in your facility. You will be able to see immediate saving in energy bill, decreased maintenance frequency and overall lighting performance

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