Building a deck is a lot complex task than often thought of. It requires expertise and experience to build a long lasting and functional deck, which not only adds beauty to your home but also add value. So, if you have decided to build a deck, then you need to hire a deck contractor.

However, finding the right company to do the job may not be easy, as there are many such deck builders offering a variety of services these days. So, how will you know whether you are hiring a really good and capable deck builder? 

Nowadays, people usually search for a reliable deck builder Mississauga by reading online reviews or by reference from a friend, which is a good to start with. Among all, Cedar Hills Contracting is one of the most preferred ones in the industry. They have been in this business for over 2 decades and have won people’s heart with their quality services. 

Having said that, in order to choose the best deck building contractor, you need to interview all the short-listed contractors and ask the following questions:

     1. How many years of experience do you have?

You should start with this question so that you can eliminate those who have very little experience.

     2. Can you provide any references about your work to contact them?

If the contractor refuses or hesitates to provide reference then it is better to avoid hiring him.

     3. Are you a registered and licensed company?

Reject any company who is not licensed or registered by the local authority.

     4. Do you have your own staff or you will subcontract? 

Never hire any company who sub contract the work.

     5. What warranty will I get?

Try to know what kind of warranty the company is ready to offer and you must satisfy yourself with necessary documentary proof.

     6. Are you an insured company?

Never hire any uninsured company for this kind of project to be safe.

     7. How long will you take to finish the deck work?

Make sure that the company will be able to finish the task within your requirement.

     8. Will you provide any supervisor on-site while deck is built?

Always insist for a supervisor on-site and don’t accept if they can’t provide any.

     9. What option for decking material do you provide?

Try to understand the type of material that will be used and ensure they are quality material.

     10. Do you have any specialization on certain decking materials?

It will be nice to have a contractor with certain specialization.

     11. How will you handle if anything goes wrong? 

Their answer will be good enough for you to know about their professionalism.

      12. What type lumber will you use for framing?

Ensure that they use quality lumber.

      13. Will you handle permits?

It is better to hire a contractor, who also handles the permits too. 

     14. What makes you special?

With their answer, you can size them up.

     15. What type of fasteners will you use?

Ensure that they use quality materials.

     16. Do you ask for upfront money as deposit?

Avoid hiring a contractor who demands upfront money as deposit.

     17. How do you accept payments?

It should be acceptable to you too.

Hire one who gives satisfactory answers to these questions. 

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