Are you on the quest of finding a fresh interior design trend? Tired of the usual glossy trends? The pressure to design a perfect home is overwhelming. What if we say you there is a design trend that lets you ditch over-ornamentations and instead find beauty in simplicity and imperfections. Wabi-Sabi which has its roots in Japan philosophy has been in trend since 2017.

What is Wabi-Sabi?

It is a guiding principle that has been followed in Japans for centuries. It is about seeking authenticity, being in tune with nature and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. ‘Wabi’ refers to natural simplicity and ‘Sabi’ is about appreciating the beauty in the flaws that occur with age. Rather than wishing for something better, it encourages to see the positives in any situation.

Wabi-Sabi housing trend:

Wabi-Sabi is a welcome change in a world heavily drawn to perfection and instead appreciates natural beauty. The Wabi-Sabi concept strikes a chord with those who were worn out by the obsession for glittery and perfect homes.  You don’t necessarily have to agree with this philosophy to incorporate it in your home.

Wabi-Sabi is currently a compelling housing trend among the masses. Its quiet grounded style promotes a sense of tranquility and celebrates imperfections. If you want to try Wabi-Sabi housing trend, check out these five tips for a Wabi-Sabi home. Good House Décor is a popular and resourceful blog offering home décor ideas.

Their fresh and innovative ideas help you design the home of your needs. Go through the blog and educate yourself about the best way to implement Wabi-Sabi trend in your home. Though it can seem tricky in the beginning, these tips will help you understand the theme better.

How to achieve the wabi-sabi look in your home?

  • Opt for natural materials: Using natural materials is the key since Wabi-Sabi involves forming a deep connection with the earth. Be it Mediterranean or Nordic design, it is possible to create any preferred style with natural materials like light wood, brick, stone, terracotta etc.
  • Home-made and artisanal décor: Choose decors available in flea markets, independently owned stores or craft shows rather than the big-box stores that produce products in bulk. Choose simple décor that stand out of the box that radiates a warm and authentic feel.
  • Clutter-free: Keep the décor to a minimal and highly organized so that there is a sense of tranquility. It isn’t about minimalism. It is more about adorning the space with only things that are necessary to keep you cozy and relaxed.
  • Mismatched décor: When you are obsessed about too much matching, your home may lose its welcoming vibe. Not everything has to be perfectly matched. You can include a décor item you find appealing even if it doesn’t match your home aesthetics.
  • Imperfection: You don’t have to cover up things that are less than perfect. There’s beauty in chipped paint, old bricks, well-worn leather or a decorative bowl that has been glued back.

Wabi-Sabi is a raging design trend that is immensely growing in popularity. Use these tips to bring in a little Wabi-Sabi into your home.

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