Buying property in Portugal is beneficial in multiple ways. The place has sunshine all year, unspoiled nature, golden beaches, high life quality, cost of living is lowest in Europe, political stability is high, tax incentive, and public infrastructure is easily accessible. Owning a property for a minimum of one-year makes you eligible for getting Portuguese citizenship.

Where to buy a home in Portugal?

You can get to choose from many popular places but the final decision depends on your needs, preference, and budget. Every region is unique and has its perks. Some places to consider are –


Currently, real estate demand is high in Lisbon as many European buyers are looking for better price properties in this European coastal city. It is the capital and main economic hub with a rich history. For commercial and living purposes Lisbon is an ideal place to invest in. The properties are pricey, but if you want something quiet and relaxing then try Comporta village.


On the Living Portugal Property website, you will find property for sale in ComportaThe real estate company has an experience of ten years in this arena. The agents are warm, friendly, and support buyers or sellers right from the start to finish. Comporta village is calm and is occasionally interrupted by the noise from the ocean and birds singing. The environment is cool and laid back, where the cobbled streets hardly have any holiday goers, tourists, or day-trippers.

The Comporta beach spreads across 50 km offering a glowing and pristine coastline looking over the turquoise ocean. The vegetation is vibrant even is the land across is sandy. You will find multiple indigenous species, cork oak, and umbrella pine along with fauna like a black pig, wild boar, and migratory birds.


Algarve is a popular tourist destination popular for its innate natural beauty, stunning coastline, sunshine, golfing, and fresh seafood. Foreign investors have already invested in affordably priced homes. It is a great destination for spending your retirement years in tranquility.


Porto is an old European center and the bustling commercial city has a cultural heritage and rich history. Tourists compare it to the UK concerning climate and greenery. The homes are affordable and you can get appealing bargains in districts like Vila Nova de Gala, Ribeira, Vila do Conde and Foz Do Douro.


The climate, natural surroundings, and soil quality have attracted foreign and local investors. Besides you get the best Port Wine. There are vineyards and many old family estates around River Douro.


It covers 1/3rd of the landmass in Portugal. You can choose the countryside or coastal line properties. Alentejo stretches from Algarve to Lisbon offering buyers country estates, agricultural land, or farms. Portugal citizens have preferred this destination to be their second home, even some foreigners.

Silver coast

The climate is moderate in Silver Coast. It is a popular destination for surfers and golfers. The destination is easily accessible from the international airport. There are suitable properties available near the golf course resort.


Cascais offers a tranquil environment and the property rates are reasonable than Lisbon. Non-EU and EU buyers find this town rich in attractive architecture, carefully maintained parks, and interesting museums.

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