A proper toilet system keeps you healthy and preserves your surrounding environment. You must take the expert advice during your toilet installation and plumbing to avoid any unwanted blockage and leakages in your sewage system.

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Generally, most people dedicate their time to the design and structure of their rooms and the entire home. They fail to concentrate on proper planning of their toilet plumbing and installation. These jobs are left on the contractor’s shoulders. This ignorance causes horrible effects like a failure of the drainage system, toilet flushes and water supply to the toilet system.

A toilet plumbing and installation requires a highly skilled and professional plumber who can put the things in the right place for long-term hassle-free toilets. Proper plumbing and installation of the toilet can provide great comfort and a relaxed lifestyle.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid while you install new toilets in your home:

  1. Regulations of your local authority

Before you plan your plumbing installations, you must obtain legal permits from plumbing from your local authorities. In case you do not have permissions, you may have to pay heavy penalties. You can visit the office of the chamber of commerce to know your local codes of plumbing. An experienced plumber also has better knowledge of local plumbing regulations and can help you to get a plumbing permit for the uninterrupted installation process.

  1. Wrong placement of toilet system

If you do not plan your toilet installation precisely, then you may end up installing the toilet system at the wrong corners of your home. You may consult your plumber and civil engineering to understand the proper piping system of your entire home. It will help you to identify some proper and safe places to install your toilet.

You must keep enough space between the toilet and wall to facilitate repair and maintenance activities required in the near future.

  1. Select advance toilet system

Toilets are used most of the time and increase water consumption with each flush. An advanced toilet system has high water efficiency ratings and consumes the less and appropriate amount of water during each flush. Such toilets reduce your water consumption and are eco-friendly.

  1. Inspect the flooring of the toilet

While installing a new toilet, you must inspect flooring where your old toilet system was laid. In case the flooring has water seepage and other potential damages, you must change the place for the new installation. This will avoid untimely and frequent toilet leakage and drainage complaints.

  1. Proper connection and alignment

Maintain a proper sloping height and angle of pipes for bettering draining and provoke backflow of drains. Correct alignment of soil pipe, toilet drain pipe, flanges and valves will ensure proper working of your toilet system. It will also avoid any leaks and overflows in the drainage pipe.

  1. Plumber tape and wax ring

The toilet and the drain pipe must have a proper wax ring to avoid loose connection. It prevents foul odours of the drain pipes. It provides airtight joints to prevent unusual movement of the toilet bowl during usage.

The plumber tape creates a tight water seal between the pipe joints. It avoids any water leakage in the pipe.

  1. Placing cistern and shut-off valve

Keep the cistern at proper height before fixing it to the wall to keep safe flange pressure. The shut-off valve must be easily reachable to shut off the water supply to the toilet during any fault occurring in the toilet’s drainpipe.

  1. Proper sized pipes, nuts and bolts

A best fitted and proper sized pipe secures your toilet from any damage and leakages. Do not try to forcefully fit the pipes and make adjustments. It can cause severe damage later.

You must never keep the nuts and bolts too tight or loose in any of the toilet fixtures and pipe fittings. Too tight nuts and bolts can cause cracks in the pipes while loose connections may lead to water leakage.

These are few of the many mistakes that people normally make while the installation of the toilet in their house or any other such buildings. Learn about them thoroughly and avoid the mistakes that might happen in the future.

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