While lawns are a common feature of landscape design, they also come with their fair share of headaches. Although many people think that switching to artificial turf for their grass will make it look less natural, modern options can be easily disguised. Consider these benefits of artificial grass if you are hesitant about installing turf in your yard.

Artificial Turf is a Must in Your Landscape Design

Lower Maintenance

Faux grass offers a lower time commitment for mowing, trimming, and edging. It’s not susceptible to pests or diseases, so it doesn’t require you to worry about its health. Your HOA will inspect the turf for any violations of its landscape design rules.

Save Water

Arizona’s dry summers make it difficult for lawns to get enough water. This results in high water bills. You may have to stop watering the grass if the area is experiencing drought restrictions. An artificial lawn can reduce utility costs, and it is not affected by lower-than-average rain.

Environmentally Friendly

Turf installations do not require mowing so there are no unwanted emissions in the yard. Turf installations don’t require fertilizers or pesticides, so there’s no ground chemical slurry. Recycled materials are used by many manufacturers to create turf, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Reduce the mess

Unwanted laundry heaps are made taller by mud streaks and grass stains. Artificial lawns aren’t able to stain clothing. Because they cover the ground and don’t need water, it is unlikely that anyone will accidentally slip into a mud puddle.

While sports fans know the advantages artificial turf offers on a field for playing, that is not the only area artificial turf can be used. Artificial turf is being adopted by homeowners who are looking for drought-tolerant landscaping. It offers beautiful curb appeal, as well as space for pets and guests.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of artificial turf, as well as how it can impact your landscaping.

Artificial Turf Does Not Need Water or Maintenance

Artificial turf is not like natural grasses and sod. It doesn’t require regular maintenance to keep its beautiful green appearance. You don’t need to mow it every week. Simply lay the turf and forget about it. Simply sweep off the autumn leaves as soon as they fall.

Artificial turf has a low-maintenance nature that is one of its greatest assets.

It allows you more time to enjoy the things that you love doing in your yard like hosting parties and barbecues or spending time with your loved ones.

The Greenest Grass

The winter will see grass and sod go into dormancy and turn brown and unattractive. If you live near an area of severe drought, this could be what you are experiencing.

Artificial turf will look great in any season, and it will stay the same color all year.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turf is much more eco-friendly than natural grass, as it does not require maintenance with either electric-powered or gas-powered lawnmowers. Simply sweep the turf with a broom to remove most soil and debris. It will look great no matter how long you have it.

You may be interested in the cheapest synthetic grass. Recycled artificial turf can be a good option. It is made from recycled grass and is re-used for residential purposes.

Artificial grass doesn’t require any toxic chemicals to keep it healthy. These chemicals can be dangerous for pets and children who play on the lawn. They also contaminate waterways and have a negative effect overall.

Artificial Landscapes Can Save You Money

Additional to the cost of maintenance (mowing, fertilizers, and sod), natural grass also requires water… lots of it.

Artificial turf doesn’t require any of the above, which allows you to spend that portion of your monthly budget somewhere else.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Artificial turf can be replaced more cost-effectively and quicker than replacing the landscape with grass seeds, sod, or grass. If the turf being replaced has still some life left, it can be reused for other purposes in the landscape. For example, creating dog runs or weed-free garden paths. This makes the product even more affordable to use and then replace as needed.

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